How Trump Bests Presidential Foes
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Following Sen. Bernie Sanders announcement to run for president in 2020, President Trump’s campaign issued a barbed statement in response. This tactic, the way Trump reacts to his opponents, is key to his victory.

Despite the media’s attempts to paint Trump as an aloof fool, Trump is constantly keeping tabs on his adversaries and responding to them. 

This bold, in-your-face tactic is something that many are unprepared to handle. They bumble through weak comebacks and responses usually painting an even worse picture for themselves. 

What’s more is how visible Trump is when he speaks out. Whether in interviews, public speeches or his preferred tweet, Trump always has an audience. The public takes notice of Trump consistently establishing his claims and making fools of his opponents. This works to his benefit as the president shapes the narrative that surrounds him. 

Even actions that other politicians would consider to be harmful Trump turns in his favor. Like the controversial nickname Pocahontas that Trump bestowed on Elizabeth Warren. Trump can turn any sort of attention into fuel for his aims. 

This unrestrained and unapologetic approach has solidified Trump as a “real” individual. Someone who understands what it’s like to be an American citizen and therefore knows how to best serve said citizens.

  1. Buffoons sure describes the DemonRAT clown car fools! Not one of them has said anything about what they will do for the people, well, other then raise taxes to pay for the RR to Europe!

  2. “When the rubber hits the road”, what will count and show itself in the American voting booth is, “How well are the American voters doing in their personal lives and who is responsible for how things are in the American homes? Are they working? Are money making jobs available? Do they consider that they have growing financial stability to buy and pay their way? Are they feeling increasingly prosperous? And lastly, who has been responsibly for all this national and personal prosperity?
    Resoundingly that answer falls to one person and persona. TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP in 2020!

  3. The Democrats have moved so far left that there only hope is to elect Biden the dominant him with socialistic laws!

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