Whitaker’s ‘Character Assassination’ Condemned By GOP Rep
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Rep/ Doug Collins of the House Judiciary Committee tore into Congressional Democrats after witnessing the “pointless” hearing of Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker. 

Collins labeled the hearing a “character assassination” and specifically singled out Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler.

“We now know the reason for this hearing. It has nothing to do with oversight of DOJ,” Collins opened. “It has everything to do, as we found out this morning in a document dump from the Democratic side of this committee and also another committee, that this is nothing more than a character assassination.”

He blasted the “political theater” that politics had become and accused Democrats of attempting to vet Whitaker themselves. Something he suggested they could do, if they would like to try and win positions in the Senate.

“This hearing is pointless,” he noted while identifying the event as a sham. “If this is the way we’re going to go, then we’ll have plenty of stunts, we’re going to have plenty of theatrics. Bring your popcorn.”

  1. instead of working for the country, they spend their time dumpster diving, coming up with nothing’.
    but more foul smelling lies.. and the Stink around them REMAINS

  2. It seems that all committee’s in our Government needs to be abolished and start tending to business
    they were elected to do. This type hearing serves no purpose but to show how each party is trying to
    discredit the other. Start legislating and quit wasting time and money.

  3. Doug Collins’ assessment of today’s hearing was 110% right on target! I watched the entire thing. Nadler was the most obnoxious, hateful and disrespectful of them all – and the rest of the Demon-rats didn’t fall too far behind. Shame on them all!

    1. Nadler is disgrace to New York, America and should be run out of America. How the crazy radical liberal democrats elected this POS is mind boggling to me. Vote this jerk out when he comes of for reelection.

    2. I agree with Hatti Nuff. I watched also and Nadler asked the same question in multiple ways trying to cause Whitaker to commit perjury. Nadler didn’t want to accept any response. It was all about the Muller investigation and not about the existing problems in the DOJ.

  4. Have to agree that this was an entire sham. Would not allow answers quoting a 5 minutes timeline. When they didn’t receive the answers (when he couldn’t respond due to confidential nature between President and he), they state. “never mind, I mark it as yes”. They introduce a number of articles/publications written many years prior. This political theatrics and posturing at its best in attempt to not only crucify Whitaker, but to gain something in the push to gain something to go against Trump himself.

  5. Keep wishing and hoping instead of facing reality: REVOLUTION will be the only SOLUTION – these evil bastards are not going to stop until they are made to stop – physically!

  6. Right on target! Shameful and disgusting!
    Just what I expected from far Left Democrats. They’re going to take their own selff out.

  7. They are blowing smoke up our ass as a diversion to keep us from indicting them for all the crimes they have committed. As it is said the best defense is a hard pressed offense. They know they are dirty and are doing their utmost to keep us off their trail. The bad thing is that the republicans (no such thing as a conservative politician) haven’t brains enough to go after them.

  8. The whole hearing was a joke. It was just a chance for the dems to speak for about 5 hours. They are so impressed with themselves and don’t seem to know everyone is laughing at them. It was so scripted and they didn’t have the good sense to rephrase the script in their own words. “Just yes or no”.
    Did anyone count how many answers Witaker had a chance to answer? Not many!

  9. The democrat continually show the BIAS with everything that they have done since in control of the HOUSE !!! They are not here to govern !!! only OBSTRUCT INVESTIGATE, & OBSTRUCT !!! Just like little kids
    that’s right Cortez is leading the democrats !!!

  10. There is not a democrat alive i will ever vote for gain, and yes, I was foolish in my younger days and voted for Johnson, a democrat,and look what that got me, I still went to south east Asia.

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