Eric Trump Skewers Schumer & Pelosi
Image credit: foxnews

Fox News’ Sean Hannity spoke with Eric Trump, where the president’s son easily explained the recent actions of Democrats.

“You hear Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi ‘we’ll negotiate but we’re only going to negotiate when governments open.’ Then they don’t actually come out and negotiate. Then you have Pelosi, as you just said, ‘well, I’ll give you a dollar toward your wall but I want to spend five million dollars on drones to fly over the southern border, which aren’t going to be effective at all.’ I mean, when can we start using some common sense in this country,” Eric shared.

According to Eric, the reason that Democrats won’t play ball is because President Trump has come out ahead on all issues and they don’t want to concede another victory to him.

“All they’re fighting for is to make sure he doesn’t achieve the agenda he promised to achieve,” Eric said. “They realize he’s winning on everything else.”

It’s true that President Trump has kept his promises to enforce tax reform and install conservative judges. The wall is one of the remaining issues Trump promised to deliver while campaigning. The only reason it hasn’t already been fulfilled is Democrats doing everything they can to deny him.

    1. I have been around since Truman was president, though I doubt you ever heard of him. All those presidents, politicians, journalists and citizens were schooled enough to actually speak with some semblance of being educated and at least tried to demonstrate a certain level of class. You appear to be a graduate of the current school system who knows nothing about America, history, the constitution, politics or even common courtesy. Your one line statement which consists of nothing but ugly insults, vulgar and meaningless words pretty much demonstrates that your education is little or nothing, and you have no concept of class or decency. It’s pitiful to see adults who cannot put together even one intelligent sentence

        1. He was responding to the chump that makes the same kind of dumb remarks as you. I am glad you like his statement.

    2. Art,
      I hope a group of MS-13 gang members move next door to you. Then you can welcome them to the neighborhood with open arms and a taco, being the nice shit-for-brain liberal you are !
      BUILD THAT WALL11111111

      1. And you are not racist by choosing to pick out Italy. People from Italy? They are the traitors?? Just like trump, your own statements show just how bigoted, racist, and lacking any type of common sense that is with this sorry excuse of a president and his agenda. ( I would have said stupid in both statements, but that would be politically incorrect. )?

        1. Obama the pos was the traitor, on the hot mic he can help Russia more after the election. There isn’t a leader of a country anywhere that had any respect for him, even made him exit the azz of the plane. Obama the pos and his supporters are the ones lacking common sense, that and his wife Big Mike has his balls in her purse. The bigoted, racist pos is OBAMA and anyone who supports him, that includes you.

    3. Art Golden your comment is typical liberal 4th grade insults, it’s all you liberals have pathetic. The only shitstain is Obama the pos who in 8 years accomplished nothing but running up the national debt. Obama is the biggest liar “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor” or ” you will save $2500 on healthcare payments” , leaving our men to die in Benghazi, Fast N Furious or telling Russia on an open mic “I can help you more after the election” you liberals are such hypocrites. We also have never seen the officers killed like we have since Obama the pos was in office he is the traitor. Obama the biggest racist ever to hold that office and he was never qualified to begin with. So the stupid one is you who believe anything you’re told by the losers Pelosi and Schumer. Liberals like you make the blanket statements yet never give actual facts to back anything up since there aren’t any.

      1. don’t waste your time trying to convince liberal morons like Art Golden of anything…he’s simply a fool……..Pelosi’s solution to the border crisis was “cut the grass”…you see? Simpeltons, like birds of a feather flock together. You might as well be having a discussion with a grapefruit than Art Golden, at least the grapefruit has some value.

        1. You are just a very sad statement on what the world is like right now. People who still believe in Trump That you would happily drink the Kool-Aid. Your family should be ashamed

      2. What the hell? Are you just prattling off things that come to the top of your head? You can’t even make a whole sentence or a legitimate statement? You are definitely a trump lemming. I know you’ll have to will look up these big words. Sorry you and your half-thoughts are so scary.

        1. No we’re sorry you’re a pathetic liberal. Do think it’s funny you mention drinking the koolaid though. It was conservatives that said that about liberals, but since you only know what you hear and are unable to come up with anything of your own you use it. Pathetic!!!

        2. The list of things that pos Obama did is so long I didn’t want to forget any. If you can’t read and comprehend that’s your problem. I really haven’t seen you forming a sentence so saying that about someone else makes you a hypocrite. I wouldn’t expect anything less from an ignorant liberal. Since you’re a pos Obama supporter your comments suit you sad, pathetic and that jealously will eat you alive. Can you understand that?? Your picture reminds of those sad ones they have realtors do for business cards, what a joke.

        3. Do you even proof read your comments before you post them? You accuse someone of being stupid while your comment is filled with all kinds of grammatical errors. Please keep posting so the world can see what a complete ignoramus you are.

    4. Flying on emotion with a mouth like a sewer. And everyone else but you are the problem huh?
      I live on the other side of the world (thankfully) and from here liberal Democrats appear totally unhinged. You ‘re easy to spot because you have very real and obvious mental health problems. Get help …. please.

    5. Art you speak from emotions only and your total disrespect is abhorrent to a majority of people. It SHOULD be abhorrent to you, but it appears that self respect ship sailed a long time ago; if it ever even had the chance to develop in the first place. You’ll have more of an impact by speaking as direct, yet ‘adult’ like when you choose to speak, otherwise you’ve just become part of a larger problem that helped get us where we are today. I wonder what limits the next generation will stretch to out do this one? It works that way; and I wonder where you will find yourself when that happens? Most likely you will find nothing but anger and frustration at the ‘unfair’ treatment you will receive and disgust at the irrelevance of you’re own humanity. Nobody to blame but yourself. Problem is, you’ve set the course for the destruction of everything you hold dear for yourself and your loved ones.

  1. Eric Trump STOLD MONEY FROM A HOSPITAL FOR KIDS CANCER!! IS that WINNING? He is a thief & an idiot who thinks his father is actually intelligent and equivalent to President Pelosi & Schumer! What DRUG is he taking?

    1. You have no proof he took money, I know liberals don’t care about facts but this is pathetic. Just wish that losers like you would be held accountable when you call people thieves with no proof. Eric Trump doesn’t need to steal from money raised for kids with cancer in fact he and his family have raised a lot of money for this charity for years. I do know that karma takes care of people like you if it hasn’t already maybe that’s why you’re so fricken miserable.

  2. What is it about the wall that makes those on the left so angry? To me it boils down to one thing…votes. Eventually they hope that today’s illegals will be tomorrows voters and everyone knows how the majority of them will vote; not conservatively! If you want them here so badly, why not take a couple into your home to see after them, instead of allowing them to drain the resources that are provided for those that are here legally.

  3. Not all true far to many Rep. are in on this also as far goes. The people are waking up and they will be electing people that will do the will of the people.

  4. …There are THREE ‘parties’.. Robin Hood, the first socialist was a CATHOLIC invention.  Pelosi is a CATHOLIC traitor.
    A third of all elected are CATHOLIC “C” traitors and keeping the borders open. Half call themselves r, half d. Since Robin Hood, there has not been even one successful “C” nation. A HUNDRED NATIONS, A THOUSAND YEARS AND NOT ONE SUCCESS IN THE LOT! Vote for ANY CATHOLIC and you vote for a traitor and open borders.

  5. The Democraps want nothing less than to dismantle and destroy our country. And they have more than enough ignorant morons backing them up. Trump should just put an open season on them for one month and the problem would be rectified. Back to the days of peace and love. Try as they might they will NEVER succeed.

  6. Nancy P reminds of a child having a temper tantrum. She wants to win at the cost of the country. She needs to realize border security is for everybody not just President Trump. If her word means anything then she should sit down and talk. If she did not mean to, she should have never said it. If she thinks walls do not work, then she should do away with the wall around congress and the armed guards. She was for it a few years ago and now she is against it just because President Trump is for it.

  7. America… where illegals have more rights than citizens. Are you tired of being taxed to death so illegals and others can have a free ride at your expense? I don’t get free education, housing, healthcare or any other freebie. The working men & woman of this country are the ones paying for those kind of bills. We need that GD wall built ………you stay on your side and we’ll stay on ours.
    I bet you North Korea doesn’t have the same problem with people trying to enter their country illegally. We should find out what their secret is.

  8. It is so hard to believe that grown people think that this kind of talk will accomplish anything positive. Both sides foolish. Really.disappointing to.old people who remember better conduct and the days when people were civilized and could work together. It is SO SAD!!

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