School Bans Pledge Of Allegiance, Calls It Racist
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The Pledge of Allegiance was dealt another blow when a California community college ceased its use before meetings.

The decision was made by Robert Miller, the Santa Barbara City College Board of Trustees president. The reason he gave for banning the act was that the Pledge of Allegiance was “steeped in expressions of nativism and white nationalism.”

“I assume full responsibility for the decision not to recite the Pledge of Allegiance,” Miller wrote in an email to former instructor Celeste Barber, an email that College Reform obtained. In the mail he admits that the the “Pledge is an example of good writing,” before adding that he “decided to discontinue use of the Pledge of Allegiance for reasons related to its history and symbolism.” 

That’s where it all goes downhill. Miller claimed that, “Expressions for support for the Pledge of Allegiance in 1890 sound eerily similar to the ugly racist, anti-immigrant expressions we hear today,” alleging that today’s rhetoric is somehow inherently racist.

If attacking the American people wasn’t enough, Miller also took issue with religion as part of his reasoning for discontinuing the practice.

“I also object to the phrase ‘one nation under God.’ The First Amendment not only protects freedom of speech and religion, it also expressly prohibits laws that establish a religion,” Miller noted. “I disagree with the 1955 act of Congress to add this phrase to the Pledge of Allegiance.” 

It turns out that the email’s recipient had the perfect answer to Miller’s disgusting claims, “If my father’s generation of young men were willing to stake their lives on this republic, how could I not recite one single sentence professing allegiance to our country?” Well said Celeste, well said.

  1. Pull public funding from these schools! Not only are they teaching children how to have sex, showing them how to use sex toys, pushing transgenderism and homosexuality on small children, and indoctrinating them into a Leftist Ideology while NOT giving them the basics of normal school education. Many kids are given diplomas who can barely read and write and have no basic math skills and know absolutely nothing about America, our history or our constitution! Don’t believe me? Look it up. THAT is NOT what most parents believe is happening in their children’s schools. They have abdicated parenthood and now blindly allow what ever any Marxist, Man hating, white privilege espousing, transgender teacher wants to teach them.

  2. I am amazed to the nievity and closed mindedness of anamy people. The pledge of allegiance was written in a different time and place. Now we actually have freedom to what we believe and how we wish to worship if at all.. We can even share classrooms w/ people different from ourselves, regardless of where someone was born.. At the time the pledge was instigated there was a intolerance of beliefs and other cultures and nationalities.. There maybe people who find some of the wording offensive. Maybe it’s a good time to updateit rather then to omit it all together. Thou, having a president like the one we have makes it difficult to pledge allegiance to anything..

  3. Regina, you are not pledging allegiance to the President you are pledging to the United States of America.
    I totally agree with the posters Taylor Young and Randy Loftis above. I would think that you must be young a maybe a graduate of one of these type schools and you can claim ignorance as you were never taught the history of our country and have been more or less brainwashed in your beliefs. I am sorry to say that you are just one of many now and if it continues you and your kind will be the death of the United States over a period of time. We are the greatest of Nations and if we can keep people like Donald Trump fighting for us then maybe we will have a chance to keep America great but it is looking somewhat doubtful when having to deal with people of your persuasion.

  4. Close the school and get rid of the person who refuses to say the Pledge of Allegiance. It is just becoming too much to have too listen to the hateful comments about our beautiful country and the traditions that we up-hold.
    We have a President who is trying his level best to bring our country back from the awful road that we were headed down under our last President. Support our President and our constitution or go find another country to destroy.

  5. As a parent today, it has become imperative to know and understand what type of institution you will be sending your young skull full of mush off to. Especially if you are funding that indoctrination. If parents did this, it would not be long before enrollments would drop, trustees wouls ask why, and these unamerican, communist, facist, bigots would be looking for jobs at Mc Donald’s

  6. Yes pull public funding from these antic-American people/schools. They can immigrate any other country they choose, we do not want them here.

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